Saturday, January 23, 2010

Temporary Housing :)

I'm finally back to blogging...and now that I have started again, I will try to blog more frequently than before.....(I only have two posts so far! :) oops!).

So, let's catch up...
Javi and I had decided to buy a house. We were tired of noisy neighbors, climbing three flights of stairs all the time (with bags of groceries was the hardest), and the non-functional amenities that we had to pay for. While searching for a place to call our own, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the last day of our rental contract. The last week of September was a very exciting and busy week...packing, cleaning, and more packing. Once we had almost everything we own (which is practically nothing) in a tiny storage room, our brothers helped us get our bed and love seat into the bedroom that parents let us rent from them. (Very cheap rent by the way, thanks mom and dad! :) Javi and I were very thankful for the help of our brothers, we would not have been able to move so quickly without their help.

We had not planned on living with parents and siblings as long as it turned out to be, but everything is from the Lord and for the best :) It was hard to get used to not being the woman of the home :) .....and not be able to do whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.... It was like living with roommates, which can be frustrating at times...but we got through it!

This is our temporary living arrangement at parents' house...small but cozy :)

( little brother wanted to put his face on the blog ;) ....)

...and of course the love seat had to come with us... :P

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